An excellent translation goes a long way towards making your communication strategy coherent on an international level and effective on a local one. It is an essential tool for conveying and promoting your company’s values and image around the world.
Our manufacture de traduction is, we believe, unique: not only in that our translators are experts in the terminology and engineering of the Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie sectors, but also in two other important ways. We take care over every translation, chamfering and meticulously polishing every phrase to make it shine, and we offer a personal touch, with a single translator working repeatedly for the same client to ensure consistency and the finest quality.
Our pledge:
To take the same care with your texts as you do with your products and to provide a faithful version of the message you wish to convey in the languages of each market in which you operate, whether in Europe or Asia.
Our fields of expertise:
All published material in the world of watches and jewellery: press releases, multilingual catalogues, newsletters, instruction manuals, websites, blogs, forums, in-house publications...

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